Who still doubts that climate change is happening?

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One of the predictions of the effects of climate change is that storms will become more severe. As stated in MFE’s website:

Because a warmer atmosphere is a more energetic atmosphere (and can hold more water vapour) the water cycle is intensified. This can result in more frequent and intense rainfall.

Yesterday Auckland was battered by a storm.

The Herald says this about its intensity.

MetService said a record amount of rain had fallen on Auckland in 24 hours – by 1am, the region had recorded 249mm of rain, smashing the previous 24-hour record of 161.8mm, back in February 1985. And monthly records have also been broken – the wettest January recorded at the Auckland Airport weather station until now was in 1986 with 20cm and the wettest month ever was July 1998 with 30cm. So far this month 32cm of rain has been recorded – a “massive” amount, MetService said.

Mayor Wayne Brown has been questioned about the storm and asked if it was a consequence of climate change. His response was that it is a bit early to jump to that conclusion.

His handling of the emergency is being questioned with many progressive councillors taking to social media to beg him to put a state of emergency in place. He did so but questions are being asked about if it should have been earlier.

Even opposition leader Christopher Luxon went public to say that the declaration should be made. Although by the time he did this the emergency had already been declared.

The flooding is going to throw this year’s budget consultation into chaos.

Emergency Management clearly is inadequately resourced. The staff and management involved are very dedicated but my initial reaction is that they were not resourced sufficiently to perform the job properly. Extra funding will be required.

The repair cost will be massive. In Titirangi alone there are a number of slips each of which will require extensive engineering to repair.

And now is not the time to hold back on actions to minimize and mitigate climate change. It is clearly happening now and as the temperature warms these storms will become more frequent and more extreme. Either we as a city and as a world slow down and halt our production of greenhouse gasses or we get ready to deal with the carnage of more and more storm events like this. Not to mention rising sea levels, mass extinctions of species, destruction of forests and increased drought events.

These are not going to be helped by what is effectively a cut in rates. The current proposed rates increase is going to have to be reviewed.

To those who still question if climate change is actually occurring a record daily rainfall in January and flooding the likes I have never seen would say otherwise.


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