Vote Future West and Future Whau NOW – For Your Street, Not Queen Street

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Future West Sign Waving

Time is running out. If you want to vote you will need to get your papers in the mail either today or tomorrow or otherwise you will have to deliver them to your local library before Saturday.

A lot is at stake. Your choice will determine the future direction and leadership of Auckland.

Future West and Future Whau are standing candidates for this election because we believe that local democracy is important and we are concerned that local voices may be drowned out under Rodney Hide’s super city unless those voices are principled and dedicated. We stand for proper local representation, keeping community assets like libraries, pools and water in community control. We want safer streets, local jobs, better public transport and to see the Eco-City values spread across the region.

Too often people do not vote in local elections. This time it is critical. We urge you to forward on this email to your networks to encourage your family and friends to vote today.

VOTE Len Brown for Mayor.

VOTE Future Whau candidates for local board in the Whau ward.

VOTE Future West candidates for local board in the Henderson Massey and Waitakere Ranges local board.



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