1. Alejandra Torres and Ben Wyllie says:

    When Ben and I arrived in New Zealand in 2008 we didn’t know where to start or what to do. We didn’t know anything about the Waitakere Ranges and we thought that living in the city was the way to go. That was until we met Neil Henderson…

    Neil welcomed us into this beautiful part of Auckland and showed us what being a Westie really meant. He opened the doors of Waitakere City for us and provided us with great advice, guidance and encouragement. His commitment for the protection of the Waitakere Ranges and the people of the area was present in every bit of his work and daily life. In fact Neil’s passion and commitment encouraged us to become volunteers in bushcare activities around Waitakere City.

    Neil helped us realise that Waitakere City with its Ranges and community were one of the best areas to live in. We think it would be a real tragedy to see it all disappear. However we still have hope as we are sure Neil will use all his heart and great skills to protect the values and people of this amazing area of the world.

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