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Massey Library

Lyndon Walker

The Auckland Supercity merger will see Aucklanders have access to the 55 libraries and four mobile libraries in the Auckland region; from Wellsford to Waiheke to Waiuku. This will make it the largest collection of libraries in Australasia, giving Aucklanders access to around 3.5 million items.

Beyond the books, public libraries provide many valuable services; providing book clubs, kids classes, retiree sessions and a venue and meeting place for public events. They provide internet access for those who can’t afford it and many other valuable community services.

I feel that an important role of the new local boards will be to protect community assets like our libraries. There will be a strong temptation for the new council to “rationalise” services, which really means to slash and cut. When completing your voting papers, vote Future West for protecting your local library.



  1. Poor Student says:

    Does that mean that I cant use any of them now because i still owe auckland city libraries a truckload of money for unreturned books??

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