Does Banks have any Credibility Left?

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Jeremy Greenbrook-Held

For about a month now, John Banks has occupied the huge billboard that looks over the Penrose Railway Station and the Southern Motorway. It’s a prime spot if you want to capture the Southern Motorway commuter vote.

Up until earlier this week, it was a generic Banks billboard with Rangitoto in the background. However, it’s been replaced with a new billboard:

John Banks: Less Wishbone, More Backbone.

I’m not entirely sure what this means, but I guess it’s something along the lines of being a Mayor who doesn’t promise the world but will stand up for the city? Truly strange coming from the man who – only months ago – said that he’d like to bring the 2020 Olympic Games to Auckland.

A group of us door knocked for Len Brown in my home town of Helensville recently. Right in the heart of John Key’s electorate, the Tory pick for Mayor is not popular. “Anyone but Banks” was a common reaction. This is probably why I’ve yet to spot any of Banks’ promotional material outside of Auckland City – nothing out West. I guess he knows where he’s not wanted.


City Vision candidate for Waitemata Ward, Mike Lee, stated at yesterday’s City Vision launch that Banks’ new slogan means that he has no ideas and will impose his ideology on the city.




  1. Pippa Coom says:

    I think Mike was spot on with his comments at the launch about Banks’s new slogan.

    He said “I see John Banks has got a brand new slogan on his hoardings – and I think he got it from Sarah Palin. The new billboard slogan is ‘Less wishbone – more backbone.’ Now I will tell you what that really means. ‘Less wishbone’ means they got no vision. ‘More backbone’ means they won’t listen – in other words the same old arrogance.”

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