A response to a certain Waitakere City Councillor who thinks new Kiwis are inferiors

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By Lincoln Dam

West Auckland is a perfect kaleidoscope of cultures reflecting New Zealand as a whole today. This is what makes us unique, so it’s crucial that we celebrate, support and look after this diversity.

Coming from an immigrant family and having worked with many international students, I have experienced and seen the burden that arises from and the courage needed in settling in to a new area that you hope to call home. The vast majority of immigrants leave their home towns and countries in search of a better life, a better place to raise a family, where they are all bound to have a brighter future. Future West believes that local initiatives are vital in building and enhancing our diverse cultures and communities.

It is often the case that ethnic minorities are judged by the actions of a few individuals. However, we should not base our interpretations on such assumptions, but rather how we collectively make our mark in the world, how we make West Auckland the best it can be and the best place for all citizens. After all, it is through the emerging ethnic communities whose cultures, heritage, languages, and faiths add greatly to the richness of our region, and ultimately the nation.

Future West believes that input from all walks of life is vital to ensure that local democracy thrives, and meaningful engagement and accountability is in place for the region to succeed.




  1. Mels Barton says:

    So true Lincoln & well said. I am also an immigrant from the UK and in fact you could say that everyone in NZ is – it just depends on when you arrived!
    What is important that we all work together to make this place what it is and leave it in a better state for future generations.

  2. Khadisha Harvey says:

    If a certain Waitakere councillor did say new Kiwis are inferior, who was this person and are they standing for new council.
    Good luck with representing west Auckland.

    1. Ann Pala says:

      Mr Ross Dallow may not realise this… he is an immigrant to this country as well…

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