I’m Greg Presland, a proud Westie and active change maker. I’m standing for Auckland Council. Show your support and stand by me.



This Auckland Council is really beginning to get to me. I bet it’s getting to you as well.

I am really concerned that the Waitakere Eco City spirit is being lost. We used to be able to protect our trees and our Ranges. Major Kauri trees can now only get protection if people are prepared to fight and protest to save them. Kauri dieback continues to rip through our forests. Council needs to do more.

Rates to be honest have just gone crazy. What’s going wrong? Typically, the amount business is paying is going down, so the rest of us pay more. I run a business with eight staff. I’m happy to write my cheques – but it’s time to stop subsidising big business and making householders pay more.

So I want to make a change. I’m standing for Council.

I’ve been in the west 28 years, my children went to local schools, and I’ve been serving westies with all their law needs for a quarter century. The west is in my blood. It’s worth defending.

At Council the job is to use your experience to make good but hard decisions. That’s what I do every day, running a business with eight staff. My clients trust their whole live’s assets to my firm. Other clients trust their freedom to me. I deliver.

As a previous Councillor on Waitakere Council, I was proud to make the big moves that have turned transport options around for the west. Glen Eden rail station. Henderson rail station. Double tracking. Sometimes how you vote as a Councillor makes a difference.

I want to see everyone employed by Council from the cleaner up entitled to a Living Wage. My law firm, Presland and Co. is a living wage employer, and I don’t see why the City can’t also do this. I want to see our Waitakere Ranges protected with real funding for weeds and kauri protection. I want to see us continue to be the proudest multi-cultural society in New Zealand. And I want to see more affordable housing built, for young and old alike.

You can see why this Council has really bothered me. So I’m seeking your support to do something about it.