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My name is Greg Presland and I’m asking for your vote in the upcoming Auckland Council elections due this year.  

I have lived in the West for the past 30 years. My wife and I have made the west our home. My kids were born here and went to school here and I have set up my law firm here. I have practised law locally for that time. I have helped people with some of the most important things they have done and some of the most stressful. I have also been heavily involved with local community organisations and I know how wonderful and constructive local groups can be.

I am proud to be a westie.  I love it here, it’s a community with values of fairness, diversity and a chance for everyone to get ahead.  

West Aucklanders expect action from their local representatives. They rightfully want us to be approachable and hard working and to make the West better one decision at a time. I am determined to fill that role. And I want to see the west succeed.

I have been a Waitakere City Councillor and a member of and the chair of the Waitakere Ranges Local Board. The work is challenging and exhilarating. The long term projects I have been involved in that I am proud of are the improvements to the rail system and the meaningful protection of the Waitakere Ranges provided by the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act.  

It feels like our community is getting better every day, but there is so much more work to do.   Our town centres need a heart, and with your support, we can build town centres that locals can enjoy. Rapid public transport links are essential to ease the congestion on the North Western Motorway every day, so residents can spend less time in traffic and more time with their families.   We need Council to focus on local jobs again. The west is not doing as well as it should out of the super city.  

To really get action in the West, we need dedicated determined experienced representation.  Please vote for the Labour/Future West candidates for your local board, Phil Goff for Mayor, Shane Henderson and Greg Presland for Council.

Greg Presland

PS: Your voting papers should arrive in your letterbox between 18-22 September. Please tick the Labour or Future West candidates and pop it into your local library or postbox.

I believe that Waitakere is a wonderful place to live and needs our love and protection.

Greg Presland

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